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Review: Lush Sun

March 18, 2015 |

The weather has been a little weird in Belgium lately. One day it is cold and rainy and the next day it is ice-cream weather. Usually I like the rain (I especially like the sound of the rain falling on roofs), but the sun from the past few days has been such a pleasant surprise. I want to put some of it in a little box and cherish it forever. When Mark Constantine (Lush co-founder) was creating Sun Perfume, he must have been thinking the same thing. Sun was created in an attempt to recreate “the scent of summer”. Read More

Review: Lush The Greeench

March 16, 2015 |

A few weeks ago, I got a small wound on my armpit. At the time I was using Salt of the Earth deodorant stick, but the salt really burned the wound and made it itch like crazy. I therefore decided that I temporarily needed a different deodorant. After another visit to Lush, I ended up adding The Greeench to my collection. This is a powder deodorant that consists mainly of talc powder and sodium bicarbonate. It is supposed to keep nasty odors at bay while being gentle on the skin. Read More

Review: Dr. Organic Virgin Olive Oil Face Mask

March 10, 2015 |

With the cold weather from the past few months making my skin terribly dry and rough, I decided that a few adjustments to my skin care routine were in order. A new face mask was one of those. Because I wanted something that was moisturizing as well as purifying, I opted for the Dr. Organic Virgin Organic Olive Oil Face Mask. It claims to be deep cleansing and detoxifying as well as deeply hydrating. Here are my thoughts on it. Read More

How I deal with my fringe

March 6, 2015 |

About two months ago, I decided that I was sick of my hair as it was. I really wanted a change. On impulse I went the hairdresser the next day and told the lady to cut me a straight fringe. Could it be that I watched too much New Girl? Half an hour later I walked out with shiny new hair covering my forehead. In this article I will explain in detail how I style my new bangs.  Read More

February Favorites

March 4, 2015 |

It might be a little late for me to start writing this post because March is already here, but I am going to do it anyway. I’ve discovered some really good products in February. Some of them I have already reviewed and others are new to this blog. My favorites feature some gorgeous make-up items and as per usual Lush products make an appearance as well. On to the products. Read More

Review: Lush Pot O’ Gold

March 2, 2015 | 2

Lush launched its Easter line about a week ago. It features cheerful looking bath bombs, carrot-themed products, a rainbow soap and this stunning gold shower jelly. As with other Lush shower jellies, you can use it to wash your body, as a shampoo and to create bath foam. This was the one product from the Eastern line that excited me so much, it had me counting the days for it to come out. Read More